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Flavor Concentrate 120ML

Flavor Concentrate 120ML

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Product Description

Our 100% USA made concentrated flavoring. No artificial color, salts, or sugars added. Recommended starting percentage of flavoring to add to bottles of flavorless base is 8% of the bottles total volume.
When it comes to blending juice flavors to create something worth enjoying, there’s no limit except for your creativity! If you're new to vaping or haven't had the chance to try out different liquid flavors, here's what you need to know about our e-juice flavor concentrates and how our products can enhance your vaping experience.

What Are Flavor Concentrates?

Flavor concentrates are various  chemicals that replicate different food and drink flavors. Our products are created using food-grade concentrates and approved by FEMA to ensure customer satisfaction. We aim to enhance the overall vaping experience with our flavor concentrates by allowing you to customize your vape juice to flavors we might not have in stock.

Because e-juice products don't use oil-based flavorings, it is easier to dissolve various extract chemicals. The basic idea behind flavor concentrates is to allow you to create brilliant flavors or experiment with tons of  recipes and custom combinations.

And if you're trying to quit smoking, you can choose nicotine-free concentrate ingredients and instead choose juice concentrates containing propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) base liquids. Tasteless and odorless concentrate ingredients, such as propylene glycol, enhance e-juice flavor potency and sharpness without giving it a chemical-like taste. Vegetable glycerin helps smoothen the throat-hit effect and leaves a sweet taste after vaping.
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